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Michael Lynch developed his appreciation for a broad spectrum of musical genres early in life. In pursuit of this passion, Michael worked relentlessly during the 80’s and 90’s to further understand the art of Music Production. In 1995, Michael was asked to join Sony Music’s Mastering division in Sydney, where he was to spend the next 12 years mastering over a thousand titles.

During this period, Michael worked together with many well known Artists and Music Producers in Sony’s state of the art Mastering Suites, turning his hand to a particularly wide variety of Mastering projects.

In early 2008, with many years of professional Mastering experience behind him, Michael formed his own facility “Shoehorse Sound” at Leichhardt, in Sydney’s Inner Western suburbs. Conceptually, given the somewhat natural evolution being experienced in the broader industry, Michael had envisaged that he would offer an alternative to the “big end of town” Mastering facilities, which were no longer deemed to be a prerequisite to entry into the industry. Michael had recognised that the current Music Scene had become more vibrant, more diverse and more exciting than ever before. This led to an understanding that recording Artists, now having much more accessible to recording facilities, also had limited avenues to pursue with regard to Professional Mastering at down to earth rates.

Today, Shoehorse Sound combines all of Michael Lynch’s professional experience and Mastering finesse together with a respectful approach toward the requirements of each individual project and Artist. Whether you are an experienced Music Industry Professional who is requiring a Quality Mastering service or a new Artist who is serious about presenting their Music to a professional standard, Shoehorse Sound would love to hear from you.